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"The bot is awesome! I wait long time for this bot and here is it! Make the job so simple and very fast! If you have a goof Dedicated the results its awesome!

What can we say about the support ? Its perfect like always! I use also the TnemaPoster and ThemaManager and Freddy give the best solutions for every problem!

Thanks for the great bot! :D"
By Thanos92 on forum
"Great software that I've been waiting for a long time.

There are few similar bots out but most of them are abandoned, full of errors, support is non existing or they are just expensive.

ThemaCreator just replaced all of them. It's already better even though the software was just released, support is one of the kind (fast and helpful).

Works great on Windows Server... if you have a good server or home PC you can create new posts very fast.

If you are uploader just buy it and you won't regret.

Thank You for another great software."
By Freedom35 on forum
"This tool is really nice to use and it does its work neatly...Thank you Freddy for this great bot"
By jpn on forum
"thank you for the app, i just made 200+ movie post with very little effort, like manually job (select the video files) 5mins :D

i still testing the app, so far it's looking good.

Themaposter+Themamanager+Creator= must essential app for every warez uploader

freddy is wonderful and helpful person, always getting fast support.!"
By Crackpot on forum

and many more...