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Basic terms

  • By using the software (themaCreator) you take full responsibility of the actions you may cause with it.
  • Any kind of sharing or (re)selling the software is not allowed.
  • As long as you are the only person who uses the software, you can use it from different IPs.
  • You can use the software on one VPS / RDP (not more). If you want to use it on more VPS / RDP you should buy more licenses.
  • You can't use two different versions at the same time.
  • You can't use the software from 2 (or more) computers at the same time (VPS / RDP is also running on a computer).
  • One licence key is for one person only.
  • You can use from different computers (not more than 4) with your settings and not at the same time.
For full terms of service click here.
For privacy policy click here.