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  • Added new file host: ddl.to.
  • Added option in "Settings" -> "Templates" -> "Images" -> "Settings" -> "Randomize images for preview".
  • Added option in "Settings" -> "Process" -> "General" -> "Skip posts with main files extensions (separate with comma, without dot, lowercase)".
  • Improved to correctly grab IMDB information in case of full series title (with only Sxx).
  • Fixed some uploading issues.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added new file hosts: ayefiles.com, gounlimited.to, filemass.net.
  • Added option in "Settings" -> "Process" -> "General" -> "Check for duplicate by MD5".
  • Added option in "Settings" -> "Process" -> "General" -> "Delete source files if duplicate detected".
  • Added option in "Hosts" -> "Files" -> "Other settings" -> "Don't compress for this host".
  • Added support for drag and drop for processing files. Acts the same as with "Choose files" button. You can drag and drop files onto "posts" list (select needed section first).
  • Added new tag for video template: {#fileTitle#}. It's taken from file properties metadata "Title".
  • Improved to allow the use of IMDB tags in "Main" template as well. {#imdbInfo#} tag must be inlcuded in main template, but IMDB template can be completely empty if you're using IMDB tags in main template.
  • Improved to process .vob, .m2ts files as video posts and .m4a as audio posts.
  • Fixed some uploading issues.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added new file hosts: filespace.com.
  • Added new tags for {#musicTracks#} template: {#fileName#}, {#fileExtension#}.
  • Added new tags for main audtio template: {#audioMaxBitRate#}, {#audioMinBitRate#}.
  • Added new tag for preview template: {#imageNumber#}.
  • Added buttons to move image hosts up or down.
  • Added buttons to move hosts users up or down.
  • Fixed some processing issues.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added new file hosts: mexashare.com, rockfile.co, novafile.com.
  • Added new image host: imgspice.com.
  • Added option in "Settings" -> "Process" -> "Compress" -> "Compress only one file at a time (much slower)".
  • Added option in "Settings" -> "Process" -> "Upload" -> "Delete files which name has text (separate with comma, case-insensitive)".
  • Fixed issue in settings preview columns and rows.
  • Fixed some processing issues.
  • Fixed some hosts issues.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added new file host: uptobox.com.
  • Added TV DB user settings under "Settings" -> "Templates" -> "Video" -> "IMDB" -> "TV DB settings".
  • Added option in "Settings" -> "Templates" -> "Video" -> "IMDB" -> "TV DB settings" -> "Use TV banner for TV shows instead of poster".
  • Added option in "Settings" -> "Process" -> "Cover" -> "Max TV banner width".
  • Moved IMDB related settings from "Templates" -> "Video" -> "Settings" to "Templates" -> "Video" -> "IMDB" -> "Settings".
  • Added option in "Settings" -> "Process" -> "Preview" -> "Maximum single preview width when combining (in pixels)".
  • Added option in "Settings" -> "Process" -> "Compress" -> "Use largest file name when processing folder for archive name".
  • Improved to process .ts and .m4v files as video posts.
  • Fixed some processing issues.
  • Fixed some hosts issues.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added new file hosts: vidoza.net, vidlox.me, alfafile.net, filenext.com.
  • Added new image host: backbook.me.
  • Added option in "Settings" -> "Process" -> "Upload" -> "Delete files with extensions (separate with comma, without dot, lowercase)".
  • Added option in "Settings" -> "Templates" -> "Video" -> "Settings" -> "Video duration format" (HH:MM:SS / MM:SS [was always default] or new HHh MMmin SSs / MMmin SSs).
  • Improved image upload to support uploading to multiple hosts for single post if needed. You can set needed hosts for cover and/or preview.
  • Fixed custom files not being counted in few general tags.
  • Fixed some hosts issues.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added new file hosts: easybytez.com, upload4earn.org, gigapeta.com.
  • Added new image host: wordpress.com.
  • Added option in "Settings" -> "Process" -> "General" -> "Check for duplicate subject across all sections (not just in which adding)".
  • Added option in "Settings" -> "Process" -> "Upload" -> "Also include files with extensions (separate with comma, without dot)".
  • Fixed double covers issue when wanting to generate a single image.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added new file hosts: takefile.link, hotlink.cc, dailyuploads.net, 1fichier.com, upstore.net.
  • Added option in "Settings" -> "Process" -> "Preview" -> "Generate in format" (jpg or png).
  • Added ability to add custom files to compressed archive automatically in "Settings" -> "Compress" -> "Custom files".
  • Added more max cover width options: 700, 750, 800.
  • Improved some IMDB grabbing.
  • Fixed some processing issues.
  • Fixed some hosts issues.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added new file hosts: katfile.com, file.al, ausfile.com, share-online.biz, file-upload.com.
  • Added new image hosts: imagevenue.com, depic.me.
  • Added new right click option for status table: "Copy subject".
  • Added option in "Settings" -> "Templates" -> "Video" -> "Settings" -> "Always generate cover from video file".
  • Added option in "Settings" -> "Process" -> "Cover" -> "Don't combine cover images".
  • Fixed issue of not deleting temporary compressed files when randomize filenames option was enabled.
  • Fided issue of duplicate subject checking when having some subject replacements applied.
  • Fixed some processing issues.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added new image host: pixxxels.cc.
  • Added new file hosts: cfiles.net, sfiles.org, clicknupload.org, xubster.com.
  • Added option in "Settings" -> "Process" -> "Preview" -> "Font size". Based on percent.
  • Added option in "Settings" -> "Process" -> "General" -> "Add new process items as paused". Use retry button to start.
  • Fixed some processing issues.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added option in "Preview" settings when combine images is disabled for "Separate preview images with" [space or new line].
  • Added preview thumbnail maximum width option for 300px.
  • Added new file hosts: uploaded.net, daofile.com.
  • Added new image host: imagebam.com.
  • Added option in "Settings" -> "Templates" -> "Video" -> "Settings" -> "Skip processing if IMDB has votes less than".
  • Added option in "Settings" -> "Process" -> "Upload" -> "Uploaded images type (only matters for few hosts)" [Family safe or Adult].
  • Fixed some processing issues.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added rar format option (RAR4 or RAR5).
  • Added new image hosts: pixhost.to, funkyimg.com, picstate.com.
  • Added new file host: filefox.cc.
  • Added option in upload settings to "Randomize filenames".
  • Added PIN code request when trying to view license information (if PIN code is setup).
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added option under "Compress" settings: "Apply the same changes to archive filename which are applied when uploading".
  • Improved for manual IMDB leech to process cover tag as well.
  • Improved folder monitoring a bit.
  • Fixed rar problem with comment (in newer WinRAR versions).
  • Fixed not to re-archive file if it's already rar or zip which was causing other issues as well.
  • Fixed "store" (0 level) compression for zip (will be at least 20 times faster).
  • Fixed manual IMDB leeching for TV show cover (was not grabbed from TMDB).
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added right click option for posts list "Leech IMDB information". Might be needed in some cases. Works the same as in themaLeecher.
  • Added new replacement type "Filename". Applied to filenames before uploading. Should be added under "Subject" replacements if needed.
  • Added compression level option in "Compress" settings.
  • Added option in "Upload" settings to "Remove characters from filename when uploading". By default added some bad characters, but you can enter more (or change them) if needed.
  • Fixed monitored folder feature when using with rar option and don't delete archive files.
  • Fixed replacement deletion of the same search string, but different type.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added rar option in compress settings (note rar is slower, high CPU usage, no progress monitor, needs external rar.exe tool).
  • Added "Add recovery record" in compress settings.
  • Added new option for "Video" template setting when IMDB information is not found to remove tag and mark the post (the post is marked with icon and there is new filter to quickly filter them).
  • Improved some cases of IMDB fetching.
  • Fixed some processing issues.
  • Fixed some general issues.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.

Start point features


  • Create full posts from files.
  • Upload images and files to hosts.
  • Automatically detects post type (video, audio, images, book, game, soft, other).
  • Different post template for each post type.
  • Adjust post template as much as you want.
  • Extracts all possible information from video, audio, image, book files.
  • Major file and image hosts supported.
  • Support for all requested hosts are being added.
  • Compress files, split into parts, protect with password, add comment before uploading if needed.
  • Automatically finds cover image for movies and TV shows.
  • Ability to extract cover from audio, book file.
  • Grab information from IMDB.
  • Generate preview / cover screenshots from video file.
  • Combine all preview images into single image (with timestamps if needed).
  • Custom settings for preview / cover (columns, rows, comment, information, width, etc.).
  • Few examples of generated previews: example 1, example 2, example 3.
  • Folders monitoring.
  • Manage posts (sections, mark with colors, change tags, description, etc.).
  • Custom replacements to adjust message text as needed.
  • Send posts to themaPoster with a single click for posting.
  • Save posts to .txt files if needed.
  • Process multiple files at the same time.
  • Use as many hosts as you need at the same time.
  • Multiple language interfaces (English, Russian).
  • Full BBCode editor integrated.
  • Preview formatted posts.
  • Proxy support.
  • A lot of settings to make it work as you want.